Greater New Orleans
Pastors' Coalition
Asking God to Transform our Region
Changing Central City Forever (Prayer Walking)

Plans are underway for similar prayer emphasis (as described below)
in the summer of 2009. 
Check back here for more details.

For 8 Saturdays in June through August 2008, the Church shared in a great time of ministry and prayer, as a more than 1,000 people showed up in Central City to be a part of the CHANGING CENTRAL CITY FOREVER prayer-walking effort.
 Over 80 churches were represented, and the weekly gatherings were a very good representation of the Body of Christ racially, denominationally and culturally.  Several pastors said, "This is what Heaven is going to look like."

Thanks so much for caring for the people of Central City" were the words spoken to one Pastor by residents of the community, as well as representatives from many local churches.  Almost every time those words were spoken they were accompanied by tears.  Also, not only were the streets, homes and churches of Central City prayed for, but there was also lots of personal ministry, and several people prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.