Greater New Orleans
Pastors' Coalition
Asking God to Transform our Region
True Transformation

As pastors in the New Orleans area, we want to see God transform our region.  To transform is to change in composition or structure, outward form or appearance, character or condition.  It means a change that is notable, tangible and apparent to everyone in the region.  It means an inner change of heart and mind resulting in marked differences in lifestyle.

We believe that transformation will begin in the body of Christ.  The people of God would totally love Him, believe Him, and embrace Him by following His word.  The end result would be every believer living honest, moral lives that would become visible expressions of Jesus Christ on the earth.

Only the manifest presence of God can bring true, everlasting transformation.  His presence would bring the grace to be transformed, as well as the blessing, favor, love, power, and compassion of the Father flowing into and through His people.   Then, notable changes in the church, government, business, family, education, arts, entertainment, sports and media will be apparent. 

This transformation requires a paradigm shift primarily in the body of Christ.  It will not be just one church or denomination; rather, it will be the church of New Orleans united in Christ that God will use.   God's people will have to lead the way to transformation.  We have His truth, His Spirit, His grace and His power to make these changes.  We do not want God to raise up relief and deliverance from some other place.

The only way this can be accomplished is to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  We sometimes say to our children or grandchildren, "I love you to death."  It means we will love them until we die and nothing can cause us to not love them.  In like
manner, we must love God to unity.  We must love God to racial reconciliation whereby all are equal.  We must love God to genuine friendships that grow genuine respect across all racial divides.  We must love God to transformation of spirit, soul, and body.  We must love God to the deepening of worship.  We must love God to the connecting of urban and suburban churches.  We must love God to the supernatural harvest of souls that will come when His people, called by His name, have torn down, smashed, and burned every lie of the enemy.  This can happen if every believer will personally receive the call to love God first and foremost, then, love others as Jesus has told us. 

To see this happen, pastors must lead the way.  Priorities will need to be rearranged for prayer times, strategy sessions, and growing relationships with other pastors in the city.  We will begin to change from "my church" outlook to the Kingdom of God outlook.  We will see relationships with local government officials as well as business owners changing from "What can you do for me?"  to "How does God want this done?"  It will be a city coming to Kingdom principles and experiencing the righteousness of God as a whole.  

Most of us have never seen this kind of transformation, but we know it is a reality.  As we follow the Lord, we trust Him to bring it to pass.